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Hi! We are Jared and Carrie Wilson. We have a beautiful little girl Evelyn, a crazy baby boy Eliot, and we are the creators and founders of Family Backyard Design! We offer custom and pre-fab backyard builds including treehouses, playsets, ninja climbers, zip lines, and more!

Family Backyard Design was created from the love we have for our own family and the time we spend together in our own backyard. We believe that a family's backyard should be an oasis of peace and safety - a place to play, have fun, and connect! After spending time together building our own backyard projects and growing closer together in the process, we felt the desire to spread this vision to other families as well.

What started as a hobby has now turned into a full fledged business, and we couldn't be more grateful to be a small part of bringing joy, smiles, and laughter to families as they gather together in their own backyards with their very own backyard builds!

Together our desire and hope is to bring a little bit more fun, a little bit more adventure, and a lot more love to each family we encounter, one family backyard at a time.




Our Builders

Jared is our Creator, Designer, Builder, and wearer of many, many hats!

Jared loves working with families to help bring their vision for their backyard projects to life. His desire is to accommodate each family with a unique and custom experience, perfect to meet that family's needs, desires, and budget. 

Carrie is all things numbers!

She tracks each job to ensure that we keep each family on budget. She loves spreadsheets, but more than that she loves being part of helping Family Backyard Design spread backyard fun to families everywhere. Her favorite is getting to see pictures of the kids and families playing after each project is finished. 

We have a dedicated team of builders who help bring each project to life. These talented builders are passionate about using their skills to create a fun and inviting space for each family. This team strives for excellence and precision in every backyard build so that each family can feel safe as they play, connect, and have fun!



Our team is comprised of men and women who strive to live a life of hard work and Godly integrity. We believe that faith and hard work shapes our future and builds character.  

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