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Fort Choccolocco

Located in our hometown of Oxford Alabama is Fort Choccolocco. This massive treehouse features all the fun amenities. The main platform sits at a towering 9ft tall with a 1 tree & 2 post design. The deck measures 14ft by 10ft and has a tin roofed clubhouse sitting in the eastern corner. The main platform has 2 access points: the first is a 9ft tall rock wall and the second is a 14ft stair case. On the north side of the main platform is a pulley with a bucket. The most exciting exit point on the main platform is the hidden trap door on the west side. The lower platform measures 8ft x 8ft and includes a fireman's pole and 10ft wave slide. Finally exiting the lower platform is a 130ft zip line with bungee brake system.

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